The Tiffany Times

I'm like a book. Easy to read, hard to decipher. Malaysian, 18. Loves reading, writing, playing music and being at peace with myself. :)

I can’t say that I am thoroughly okay. Yes, I smile and laugh when I think of the memories we shared together, I can live without aching so badly to be with you again.
But I’m not okay at the same time. I break a little inside when I think of how long it’s been since we last spoke. I tear a lil when I see your face on my timeline. I keep telling myself that this is for our own good and I know that it is…. but yet….but yet….. I cannot fully be okay because the Moon in my dark sky no longer displays itself in my world.
I’ve come to realize that as long as I’m alive, I can’t be truly okay. There will always be something to remind me that life is not always nice.
I can’t say that I am thoroughly okay. Not ever.

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